Aids for Daily Living encompasses products to help increase and maintain the functional capabilities and independence of people with disabilities for a better quality of life.



In this section, you will find equipment to be used in the home to aid in a better quality of living.  Items such as walkers, canes, gait trainers, toileting and bathing aids are examples.



Instruments to measure grip strength, joint movement, range-of-motion, and sensitivity level are just some of the products found in this group.  Classic tools such as these are used daily in physical therapy, medical facilities, and schools.



Exercise products can be used for strength, rehab, coordination and balance training. Bands and tubing are an economical solution for exercising; hand and finger products are a standard in facilities; putty, weights, pedal exercisers, pulleys, exercise balls and mats round out this category.



Whirlpool baths are used in all types of facilities to help soothe tight and strained muscles; Aquatic therapy utilizes the resistance of the water to exercise; and patient wear is the ideal, inexpensive answer for hydrotherapy and other situations requiring limited body coverage.



Work out tense muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, legs, feet, or any part of the body using various massagers.  Portable massage tables are perfect for the professional on-the-go.  Pair products together for an overall feeling of relaxation.



Electrotherapy, ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulators, passive motion devices and traction units. Increase blood circulation, stimulate muscles, and relieve pressure with products found here.


Models & Charts

Models are especially valuable to doctors, chiropractors, therapists, hospitals and schools for medical and health education to explain the internal and external structures of the human body.    The charts are ideal complimentary pieces to support the models.



Therapy can be fun when using swings and swing frames, positioning wedges, seating systems and group activity units.  Enhance attention span, encourage participation and applaud success!


Treatment Furniture

All the treatment tables, mat platforms, mirrors, activity/work tables, parallel bars, training stairs and positioning supports your clinic needs are here!


Cold Packs/Therapy

Re-usable packs are an effective cold therapy tool. Pliable and soft, and available in various vinyl thicknesses, cold packs are durable and economic.  We even offer specialty pediatric packs for boo boos!


Paraffin Therapy

Apply heat to hand, wrist, ankle or foot using a paraffin warmer. For treatment of patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains and joint stiffness. Use with beads or blocks of paraffin wax, also found in this section.



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